A Glossary of Emille's Unique Vocabulary

(Because Language Matters)

Amplified Mediocrity


Amplified Mediocrity is that state of just good enough.  In school it would be a B+, more than passing, but still far less than ideal.  It is a state that lulls one into a sense that working harder or differently won't necessarily improve anything. 

Brazen Creativity

Brazen Creativity is that state where you are at your best.  You create, advocate and implement ideas that solve problems, both seen and unseen.  When one is in this state, you will not care about other people's opinions nor their "judgement".  Your focus is on the problem and solution you perceive for it.  Brazen Creativity means getting one's ideas heard and decided upon fearlessly.

Epic Presence

Epic Presence is that state of being in the moment where you are the hero of your own story.  And that story, no matter how humble to outside viewers, is epic in your mind.  And because of that epic-ness, one decides to make decisions and live with the immediacy of crafting the best possible story ever.  


IKIGAI (in this context, always in capital letters) is the reason why you wake.  It is the motivator for why you get out of bed.  Family MAY be one's IKIGAI, but imagine that your family actually prospers because of it versus being it.  The gift you give to humanity, no matter how trivial, is the reason you wake.  If you don't know it, the pursuit of that understanding is your IKIGAI.


Beyond the dictionary definition, it is seeing your world with a fresh lens, applying new perspective to existing problems, rediscovering resources or applying old problems to new discoveries.   Innovation is a cornerstone of Brazen Creativity.


Start With A Sparkle, the precursor to IKIGAI.  The part of you that bleeds through the noise of adult life to show up in the most unexpected ways.   Seeing people smile or laugh, hearing the noise of a jet engine or feeding hungry folks are all examples of one's Sparkle.  And when you've discovered it, pursuing it becomes your IKIGAI.   


What you build after you unlock your genius.   The process of thinking through and articulating what you want, why you want it and the steps you'll take to achieve it.  Without strategy, achieving one's desires and goals is a matter of chance versus choice.


The process of getting past the immediate obstacle in front of you so you can get back on track or leapfrog your current progress.