Veterans are AMAZING!  To be one, you must have been willing to sacrifice life, health and the prime physical and working years of your life to serve.  And that spirit never leaves the veteran:  once trained, always ready.  And veterans are our nation's wellspring of experience, skills and leadership.  We are a cross-section of our nation and we don't know the meaning of the word QUIT.  Many of us have injuries you can see, others have injuries that remain beneath the surface.  But our wounds are part of our pride, our entry into an exclusive club that says, "We were ready to make the ultimate sacrifice". 

Out of my military experience, I created a course to unlock genius.  Our nation is in desperate need for servant leadership, creative solutions and people who are thinking beyond the immediate problem.  My military service helped me become an innovative thinker and a assertive doer!  We need more of that everywhere, in government, in for-profit enterprises and non-profit helping organizations.  It is time to Awaken To Brazen Creativity!  This six lesson course will challenge you to think and to learn how to be a world-class innovator right where you sit.  Learn more here.

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Knowing that the military is just one step in life's path, I prepared for my transition to civilian life well ahead of my retirement.  I still needed more time, more help making the leap.  I spent a year in quiet reflection, learning about my personal strengths and weaknesses and when I retired from the Air Force in 2012, I felt I was ready.  When the transition came, I saw so many things I needed to think about that I never considered.  I thought I had done enough, I had only scratched the surface!  I wrote Start With A Sparkle to help anyone, especially veterans, with a major life transition.  It will inspire, motivate, educate and impart thoughts that will ease anyone's transition, especially veterans and those changing careers or life-stations. 

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Download an excerpt of Start With A Sparkle here.  

After spending an entire career with the military, I started my business, Emille Bryant Presents, to offer my skills in strategy and innovation.  As an Air Force Officer, I had to be a strategic thinker daily.  I also had to innovate on the fly as a matter of each day's survival.  Whether deployed or at home, my mission had to get done and I never seemed to have enough resources for the tasks at hand.  Whether too few aircraft, too few Airmen or too many sorties, I had to make the mission happen without ever saying no.  That led to ingenious solutions and I taught others how to be ingenious in their career fields too.  Now I've chose to present that experience as a strategic leader, creative thinker and passionate instructor to the world.  It is not just my business, it is my life's work.  To progress our nation, everyone needs to unlock their genius.  And the genius residing in all our veterans is the competitive advantage for any business endeavor.  Learn More here.



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