Awaken to Brazen Creativity

Are you ready to unlock your genius?

Sometimes we need a jolt of electricity.  Something that will shake us out of our fog, our rut, our comfortable routine.  When I was an instructor at the Squadron Officer School at Maxwell Air Force Base, I witnessed unleashed creativity from students of all backgrounds.  Years later, as a civilian, I watched similarly endowed people lose their creativity, letting it become secondary, often discarding it as worthless.  I was shocked that anyone would consider their creativity a liability.  Worse, I couldn't believe that businesses were actively asking their employees to bury it!  I crafted a free online course to change that crazy notion!  Innovation is our greatest asset, its time to empower every individual, group, team, organization or company.  Its time to unlock our genius. 

 Awaken to Brazen Creativity!

Let's get started, shall we?

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